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Mating Bulls Video Clps

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Comedy mating clip

Comedy Clip


 This site contains horse mating and mating dog, cats, lion, copulating farm animals and interspecies mating ie lots of animal sex. Free pictures and video clips in mpg avi wmv and mov format. Also horse mating video clips DVD  and another DVD with mating dogs cats farm animals etc on it. There is a mating links page an upload option and a section showing the latest mating animal pictures and video. This is a free animals mating site with no hardcore bestiality or zoo material. If you are not interested in mating animal material this site is not for you.

To save the visible low res. video clips right click on them and select the 'Save Target As' option of IE 5 or similar. You might need to rename the saved files with a .wmv extension to play them. To download the full clips click on the pictures or their links below. If this does not work for you try right clicking the link and selecting the 'Save Target As' option on the pop up menu ( if your using IE6 or similar).

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